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Eye2 contact lens care

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eye² soley+
Multifunctional solution with natural ingredients, suitable for sensitive eyes. For cleaning, disinfecting, storing and moisturizing all soft contact lenses. Contains plant stem cell extracts and is enriched with hyaluronic acid.

eye² b.lite
All-in-one solution for excellent cleaning and disinfection with optimum wearing comfort for up to 20 hours, pH value is in the healthy tear film range of 7.5 Hyaluronate as a wetting and moisturizing agent.

eye² oxy+

One-step peroxide system for cleaning, disinfecting, neutralizing and storing all contact lenses!

Deep-cleaning effect: dissolves deposits and impurities and supports protein removal
Suitable for soft and rigid contact lenses
Ideal for silicone hydrogel lenses

eye² form

Cleaning solution for daily use Reliably removes superficial deposits such as lipids and proteins. For high wearing comfort and good tolerability!
High cleaning power thanks to surface-active molecules that remove all deposits (lipids and proteins) from the lens surface
Improved wearing comfort thanks to restored wettability of dimensionally stable contact lenses

eye² intense

One-step peroxide system with platinum catalyst for safe care for all soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogels, without preservatives, ideal for sensitive and allergic eyes.

eye² saline

Saline solution for rinsing all soft and rigid contact lenses after cleaning or disinfection and before putting them back on the eye, for rinsing lens cases or for dissolving protein removal tablets.

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