Premium care - economy pack hard

Premium care - economy pack HART

Are you looking for a proven care system for hard, gas-permeable contact lenses ?
Uncompromising in quality and value for money ?

Then Optikplus has the perfect offer for you.
The Premium Care - economy pack HART consists of:

Premium storage solution:
Storage solution with low viscosity for use with contact lenses that tend to become greasy. Together with the cleaning solution"Premium Care - Cleaner HART", this results in a modern care system that is perfectly tailored to the requirements of highly gas-permeable, dimensionally stable contact lenses.
In addition, Premium Care - Storage Solution HART supports the aqueous phase of the tear film during application and powerfully removes lipids.

Premium cleaner:
Premium Care - Cleaner HART is an effective and gentle cleaner for all dimensionally stable contact lenses.
When selecting the substances for the new solution, particular attention was paid to skin-friendliness and environmental compatibility. The glucosides contained in the solution are obtained from renewable raw materials and are completely biodegradable. The low irritation potential of the ingredients makes "Premium Care - Cleaner HART" the cleaner of choice for rigid contact lenses. The cleaner is also non-abrasive. Changes in parameters, such as those observed with abrasive solutions due to intensive cleaning, are therefore ruled out.

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