Menicon Niji monthly lens

Menicon Niji - Partially customized silicone hydrogel monthly disposable lens


Here I am at last. The whole world has been waiting for me - well, at least my friends from the Menicon contact lens family.
My name is Menicon Niji. I have a Japanese name (Niji is the Japanese word for rainbow), although I'm actually from Holland (that's where I'm made).

I'm a semi-individual SiHy monthly lens. With my fairly wide delivery range, I can also provide values far beyond the standard parameters with a comfortable monthly SiHy lens. I am available in spherical, toric, multifocal and multifocal toric. You will soon no longer be able to imagine life without me.

You can find the order pages for the new lens here:

- spherical

- toric

- multifocal

- multifocal-toric

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