EGO care system from Wöhlk

EGO contact lens care from Wöhlk

The EGO contact lens care range from Wöhlk includes various care products for hard and soft contact lenses. The EGO series is a second brand of proven Wöhlk products. We always ship the identical original!

For example:
EGO Care No. 1 ( = Wöhlk peroxide solution )
EGO Care No. 2 ( = Wöhlk saline solution )
EGO Care No. 3 ( = Wöhlk Aquasafe - combination solution for soft lenses )
EGO Care No. 4 ( = Wöhlk cleaning for hard contact lenses )
EGO Care No. 5 ( = Wöhlk storage for hard contact lenses )
EGO Care No. 6 ( = Wöhlk enzyme protein removal tablets )

Here you will find a list and order page of all EGO products.

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