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ASCON and BIAS contact lenses

ASCON and BIAS - Two classics among hard contact lenses.

What are the differences between the two and what makes these two types of contact lenses so successful for decades?

The name is simply derived from "aspheric contact lens". The lens takes into account that the corneal surface is not curved like a regular sphere, but more or less flattens towards the edge. The strength of this individual flattening is expressed in the AS value of the lens. It can therefore be manufactured individually for a wide variety of corneal shapes. This makes it universally applicable and is responsible for its wide distribution. In addition, the lens is currently manufactured in 8 material variants. This means that the ideal lens can be chosen for every tear film and purpose.

The name comes from "bi-aspheric". In this contact lens, both the back surface and the front surface are aspherical.
This makes this lens particularly comfortable due to an ideal pressure distribution. Since the degree of asphericity is standardized, this type of lens is less universal, but ideal for a large number of corneal shapes and can be fitted with less effort. The BIAS can also be manufactured in all available materials.

Both lens types can be easily reordered in the Optikplus online shop. To do this, use the information on the lens vials (if you have them) or the information on your lens passport. In case of doubt, we will be happy to help you with the correct ordering information by telephone.

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