Air Optix Colors - New colored lenses

This is what we have been waiting for! After the product discontinuation of the popular Focus Softcolors, there is finally the new, color-changing contact lens from the manufacturer Alcon.

The first colored silicone hydrogel contact lens from Alcon Air Optix COLORS from Alcon accentuates your eyes and offers a high wearing comfort.

And is also unique compared to current colored lenses. This is because Air Optix COLORS are made of the highly oxygen permeable contact lens material silicone hydrogel. Thanks to this technology, your eyes get up to six times more oxygen than with conventional color lenses. Your cornea and the health of your eyes will thank you.

The 3-in-1 color technology in Air Optix COLORS is promising. The color pigments are embedded in the silicone hydrogel material and thus integrated inside the unique color lens. The color lens has an outer color ring that accentuates the eyes. With the color pigments and the inner color core, your eyes get an extraordinary intensity.

A second special feature of the Air Optix COLORS is the high wearing comfort. The contact lens surface is equipped with a plasma surface technology, which has a moisturizing effect and is also resistant to lipid deposits. While with conventional color lenses long wearing times were rather torturous for your eyes, you can now wear the Air Optix COLORS throughout the day without straining your eyes. Especially dry eyes will be happy about the Air Optix COLORS.

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