When are trial lenses useful?

In our shop you will find a large number of test or trial lenses of daily and monthly lenses.
When does it make sense to order test lenses and when should the selection of test lenses be left to a qualified fitter (optician or ophthalmologist).

First of all it should be mentioned that in principle every first fitting of contact lenses should be left to a specialist. It must be clarified first of all which kind of visual defect is present and whether a correction with contact lenses is at all possible or meaningful. In addition, only a specialist can judge whether the conditions of the eye (cornea, tear film quality, other exclusion criteria) allow the wearing of contact lenses at all.

Only when a contact lens wearer has been wearing contact lenses successfully for a longer period of time, ordering trial lenses (without or better with advice) can be an option.

In which situations is an order of test lenses (daily or monthly lenses) useful.
We would like to describe some exemplary situations from practice to you here.

Your visual acuity has changed somewhat and you would like to try out how this change affects your distance and near vision. Especially in the case of incipient presbyopia, a full correction of the distance values can result in a noticeable deterioration in near vision. With trial lenses, you can test and evaluate at your leisure without having to buy large and correspondingly expensive packaging units.
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You successfully wear monthly lenses and now want to test similar daily lenses to use them on certain occasions, such as swimming, or simply to have a cheap replacement for all cases. You may also be thinking of switching to daily disposable lenses altogether because you want to completely avoid the chemicals in cleaning and storage solutions. Test lenses are a cheap and easy solution to find the product with the desired wearing characteristics.
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You wear spherical lenses, have a corneal curvature and are not optimally satisfied with the visual performance. Now you want to test whether a toric lens design brings a noticeable improvement in visual acuity. You also want to test the wearing comfort of a toric lens, which may differ from spherical lenses, as the lenses are usually somewhat larger and considerably thicker. It should be noted here that the calculation of the toric lens powers from the spectacle values is not quite trivial. Our telephone hotline should be consulted in advance.
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You wear multifocal daily or monthly lenses. Your vision may not yet be completely optimal or may have changed over time. You may want to try out the addition of "high" instead of "low" and see how this change affects your vision. In this case in particular, it is not enough to just hold the lenses in front of you for a strength test. Experienced multifocal lens wearers know that a change in the lens parameters often has surprising effects (and not always as the theory predicts). Here, too, our telephone hotline will be happy to help you.
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You are wearing daily disposable lenses successfully.
Now you are at an age where reading glasses are actually necessary. You would now like to try a multifocal version of your daily disposable lenses, if available, to get back to reading your daily newspaper, your cell phone messages, or simply a price tag while shopping. Again, trial lenses offer an easy and inexpensive way to learn about the performance and limitations of multifocal daily disposable lenses.

As you can see, there are quite a number of scenarios where ordering trial lenses makes sense.
It is important that you do not hesitate to contact our consultation hotline (by phone or email) if you are not sure which strength or which type of lens to choose.

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