What are EDOF contact lenses ?

The term EDOF is an abbreviation for "Extended Depth of Focus" and means as much as "extended depth of field".
This new technology is intended to eliminate or at least alleviate the problems with the previous multifocal lenses.

The shortcomings of previous multifocal lenses were reduced contrast sensitivity, unwanted ghosting, and less visual acuity in low contrast situations. This is due to a number of known factors such as poor centration, less than ideal design and addition of the contact lenses, as well as the spherical aberrations of the eye and pupil size.

In short:
EDOF lenses are a means of choice when good vision cannot be achieved with conventional multifocal lenses.
In particular, when a pupil that is too small, an off-center lens fit or "ghost images" are the cause of the problems.

These lenses are also becoming increasingly important in the form of intraocular lenses after cataract operations.
They can be used to achieve sharp vision at all distances after the operation and reading glasses are only needed in a few situations.

You can already order two different types of EDOF lenses from us. One is the "Markennovy EDOF Presbyopia" an individually manufactured monthly lens and the new daily lens "SEED 1dayPure EDOF", a daily lens for presbyopia. Simply click on the image and go directly to the product.

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