Delivery time

Delivery time care products:
We usually have all care products in stock and can ship you on the day you order or the next day.
Orders that reach us by 14:00 will be dispatched on the same day.
If additional products with longer delivery times are ordered, the delivery time will be delayed accordingly.

Delivery time contact lenses:
Please understand that the delivery time information for contact lenses can not always be given exactly.
The now almost unmanageable variety of possible lens types and different parameters makes an own stock keeping only for a few contact lens types sensible.
In order to be able to supply you with fresh goods with the longest possible shelf life at any time, we request these daily from the manufacturers and are usually supplied overnight and can dispatch on the next working day.
For contact lenses which are also not in stock at the manufacturers ( e.g. hard lenses and individual 3(6)-month lenses as well as annual lenses) we indicate the expected production times. 
Please note that "delivery time in days" always refers to working days. In the ophthalmic industry, Saturday is not considered a working day.

If a contact lens is ordered from the online shop late Friday afternoon, we can only request it from the manufacturer on Monday morning and will not receive it until Tuesday.

In particularly urgent cases, please call us at 0711 - 48 68 68.
We can then tell you exactly whether the desired lens strength and number of pieces
- is in stock with us and can be sent immediately
- is in stock with the manufacturer and can be sent within the next working day or the day after next
- must first be manufactured by the manufacturer and how long the expected delivery time is.

Delivery time reading aids:
Reading aids are usually in stock with us. An exception are the higher-quality reading aids with super anti-reflective lenses, which are manufactured individually.

Delivery time for complete glasses:
The delivery time for complete glasses is approx. 7 days. Only in exceptional cases, with very high lens thicknesses, it may take a few days longer.

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