When to order trial lenses online?

At Optikplus you can order so-called trial lenses or test lenses of many lens types.

When and which trial lens types are useful in the online business?

It is important to say first of all that this is not about providing "not-yet-lens wearers" with contact lenses in a self-experiment.

On the contrary, wearers who have already gained experience with contact lenses will benefit from this in particular.
And, this is particularly important to us:
trial lenses can only be useful for lens types with a more or less uniform geometry, which cannot and do not have to be fitted at great expense.

This applies exclusively to daily and monthly lenses, which are offered in standard geometry, but in many different lens materials with different material and wearing properties.
It would not make sense to order online "fitting lenses" for hard contact lenses and individual soft lenses, which are manufactured in many different deflections, sizes and materials and whose fit must be tested on site in order to make any necessary changes in shape.

We want to give the experienced contact lens wearer the opportunity to test other material properties without having to repeat time-consuming sessions in order to solve any problems that may exist with the existing lenses.

As examples are mentioned here:
- Problems with lens durability due to other materials
- Problems with all-day comfort due to lens drying
- Problems with comfort due to deposits
- Testing the effect of lens power changes
- Testing minor modifications to multifocal lenses to optimize near/far properties
- Providing an inexpensive replacement pair of lenses for "emergencies" such as loss or damage

Our overview page with all offered trial lenses can be found here:

Our hotline at Tel. 0711-48 68 68is available for all questions about trial lenses on weekdays between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

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