Monatslinsen aus dem Material Methafilon A

Methafilcon A contact lenses

One of the most proven classic contact lens materials is Methafilcon A.

It is a hydrogel with approximately 55% water content. Its outstanding properties are excellent wearing comfort and high resistance to deposits with medium gas permeability.

Unfortunately, contact lenses made of this material are almost no longer offered.
They have been increasingly replaced by contact lenses made of silicone hydrogel material.
This has however despite the extremely high gas permeability the disadvantage that some lens wearers react allergically to it or find the stretcher comfort suboptimal and long for the Methafilcon lenses, which were well tolerated in former times, but hardly find replacement.

The Methafilcon lenses were widespread in former times under the following label names:

- Frequency 30AS of Cooper vision
- ECCO Change 30AS of MPG+E
- ECCO Easy of MPG+E

But there are still three manufacturers who offer the material.

1. The company MPG+E with the METHA EASY. An inexpensive monthly lens with standard parameters for curvature and diameter

2. The Clearlab company with the CLEAR 55A. A lens with identical parameters as the ECCO Easy ( BC 8.7 and DIA 14,5 )

3. the company Markennovy with the custom-made XTENSA Aspheric
This is a custom-made monthly lens, which is manufactured in strengths up to +/- 30 diopters. It is offered in packs of 3 and 6 and is, of course, significantly more expensive than the METHA EASY due to the custom manufacturing process. However, it is also available in toric and multifocal versions.

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