Graduated prices available for many products

We recently started offering interesting discounts for larger purchase quantities.

The new quantity discounts (also called scale prices) are available for all daily and monthly lenses and many care products.
You can save considerably on larger quantities.

From a certain number of pieces of the product the reduced price comes to bear.
The favorable graduated price is indicated in red color.

Particularly interesting
With contact lenses, different strengths of a lens type can be ordered deliberately.
Only the number is decisive.

You would like to order 90-packs of daily disposable lenses, with a greatly reduced price from 4 pieces.

For example, you can order as follows:
1 pack -3.25
2 packs -4.50
1 packs +6.00

As soon as you reach the number 4, the reduced scale price applies to each individual pack.

So you don't have to order 4 packs of the same thickness.
You can check this immediately in the shopping cart !

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